40 Best Anti-Cocaine Slogans

anti cocaine

Are you looking for Anti-Cocaine Slogans?

Here is a list of 40 best Anti-Cocaine Slogans that you can use to motivate people to quit Cocaine who are already using it and to warn others who haven’t tried it yet.

Cocaine is very addictive and has been destroying the lives of many people all around the world. It’s our duty to raise our voice against this deadly drug.

Anti-Cocaine slogans being short and catchy can get the attention of people and stick to their mind for a long period of time. Use these slogans in Anti-Cocaine awareness campaigns to make your campaigns even more effective.


Anti-Cocaine Slogans


Cocaine use is life abuse.

Better to stay away from Cocaine.

Cool dudes don’t do Cocaine.

Life can take you higher than Cocaine.

Don’t mess your brain with cocaine.

Say no to Cocaine.

Put away the cocaine before cocaine puts you away.

Cocaine-free life is the best life.

Stop it for life.

You’ll never succeed with Cocaine.

Cocaine is not the answer.

Run away from Cocaine, don’t let it destroy you.

Cocaine takes your future to the dark.

Stay Cocaine free.

Cocaine isn’t a cool thing.

The more you use cocaine, the less you live.

Time to say no to Cocaine.

Mom says, avoid Cocaine.

Kick it before it kicks you.

Warning: Cocaine kills.

Say no to Cocaine, Live a happy life.

Don’t Keep calm, Say No to Cocaine.

Cocaine User is a looser.

One life – One chance – Avoid Cocaine.

Up with hope, down with Cocaine.

Make healthy choices.

Cocaine drags you down.

Stand up against Cocaine.

Cocaine Costs you just more than money.

Don’t be insane, Cocaine ruins the brain.

Say no to Cocaine, it’s your decision.

Cocaine? Y U Say No To Cocaine?

Say yes to life, say no to Cocaine.


Funny Cocaine Slogans


I’m too good for Cocaine.

No Cocaine user grows old; because they die young.

I don’t do Cocaine but it smells amazing.

Straight Outta Cocaine.

Twinkle twinkle little star, cocaine user, you won’t get very far!

I occasionally enjoy Cocaine.

Cocaine gave me wings to fly but took away my blue sky.

CIA: Cocaine Importation Agency.

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