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  • 65 Running Slogans

    Running is best exercise for health.Running keep you healthy and fresh.Here in this post we have compiled a list of best running slogans.Hope you would love these slogans.   Running Slogans Our shoes have more miles than your car. I love finish line. Runners Run. Run until you can fly. Run like you’re chasing a […]

  • 30 Vegetable slogans

    Vegetables are most important part of our lives. Vegetables reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and they also protect us against certain cancers such as mouth stomach and colon etc.Vegetables also helps us to maintain our skin fresh. So we have to eat vegetables in our daily routine. In this post you will find […]

  • 35 First Aid Slogans

    First aid is the provision of an immediate limited care to the injured or an illness. Unless and until we provide proper medical care to the patient. First aid prevents the loss of life and also prevent us from severe kind of physical damage. In this post you will find amazing first aid slogans. First […]

  • 60 Catchy Food Safety Slogans

    In  this post you will find 60 Catchy Food Safety Slogans.     Food Safety Slogans   Shortcuts cut life short You are the key to your safety Use that thermometer Refrigerate for safety Safe food – be safe, be healthy, be well Safety starts with you Be food safe Great food for a healthy future […]

  • 55 Catchy Nutrition Month Slogans and Nutrition Month Sayings

    In this post you will find Nutrition Month Slogans and Nutrition Month Sayings.     Nutrition Month Slogans   Nutrition month the healthiest month of the year Celebrate Nutrition Month – just don’t overdo it. Make nutrition as one of your ambition. You are what you eat Healthy and nutritious can be delicious Eat right, future bright […]

  • 90 Catchy Health Awareness Slogans and Slogans for Mental Health Awareness

    In this post you will find Health Awareness Slogans and Slogans for Mental Health Awareness.     Health Awareness Slogans   Keep your heart happy. A commitment to community. A healthy heart is a wealthy start. Commit yourself to be healthy and fit. Care for your health. You need to be strong to live long. Care that […]

  • 100 Best Hand Washing slogans and Handwashing Day Slogan

    In this post you will find Hand Washing slogans, Handwashing Day Slogan, Hand Hygiene Slogans and Funny Hand Washing Slogans.     Hand Washing slogans   Clean Hands are guardians of health Be aware, wash with care Don’t be a dope, wash your hands with water and soap Wash those germs right off of your hands! Don’t be a […]

  • 100 Best Wellness Slogans and Wellness Program Slogans

    In this post you will find Wellness Slogans, Wellness Program Slogans, Health and Wellness Fair Slogans and   Wellness Slogans   Wellness is Everybody’s Business Integrative health and wellness Beautiful body. Built by you Love your healthy body! Better health through better living Nurturing body and mind The greatest wealth is health Start on your path to better […]

  • Blood Donation Slogans

    Blood Donation Slogans

    Blood donation can help save lives. Modern science has proved that donating blood is a healthy activity and the blood that we donate automatically regenerates in our body in few days. We need to educate and motivate people to give blood atleast 2-3 times in their lives to help the people in need. In this […]

  • Exercise Slogans & Sayings

    Exercise Slogans & Sayings

    Exercise can help you to boost your energy and even help improve your mood. It also helps us to stay away from many diseases. We need to create awareness among people to include exercise in their daily routine to live and healthy life. We are presenting a list of exercise slogans that can educate and […]