220 Catchy Organ Donation Slogans with Ideas & Mottos

organ donation

Organ donation is a selfless act of donating organs to save the lives of others. Here, we suggest you with the Organ Donation Slogans that will boost the inner feelings and motivate you to donate the organs.


Catchy Organ Donation Slogans

  • The greatest gift you can give is the gift of life
  • The power to save lives
  • The ultimate act of kindness
  • There IS life after death: give yours by becoming an organ donor today
  • There’s No Better Time Than Now: Donate Your Organs Today!
  • There’s No Better Time Than Now: Donate Your Organs Today!
  • Think about it, become a donor
  • Think of organ donation as a way of renewing and revitalizing hope
  • Tic better to give than to receive – become an organ donor today!
  • Want to leave behind something? Let it be your organs
  • Waste needs to be recycled, so do your organs!
  • When at last everyone dies, why not donate your eyes?
  • When you’re done with it, someone else could use it – donate your organs!
  • Yes you can, donate today
  • You can buy things, but not organs! Donate
  • You Can Make a Difference: Donate Your Organs Today!
  • You can save a life, step forward today
  • You Don’t Need to Change a Thing to Be Beautiful
  • You don’t need your organs in heaven
  • You have the power to save a life, become an organ donor today

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Key Takeaways

  1. Your Body Is Unique and That’s What Makes It Beautiful
  2. Your decision to donate could be a lifesaver
  3. Your Organs can Change Lives: Donate Them Today!
  4. Your organs could save a child’s life – please donate them
  5. Your organs could save a life
  6. Support organ donation across the nation
  7. Let your life go in someone else’s body
  8. Let someone appreciate you and thank you
  9. Please, donate your organs
  10. Donate life – Donate organ



Organ Donation Slogans Ideas

  • Be the reason someone lives
  • Give organs so others can live
  • Organ Donors Make Better Livers
  • Do not waste what you can’t use
  • Life after mine
  • Have a heart.Save a Life
  • In the long run, organ donation saves lives
  • Be a donor Be a hero
  • I contain recycle parts
  • New liver new life
  • Leave a legacy of life be an organ donor
  • Don’t turn away, Give today!
  • You are going to die.Make it count
  • Be an organ donor. Light up someone’s world
  • Dying to live
  • You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives
  • Let someone life bloom
  • Their lives are in your hands Be an organ donor
  • Organ donation what do you think?
  • Donate your organs, please!
  • Share Your Life. Share Your Decision
  • If donation becomes our fate
  • Organ Donors save lives
  • Organ donor: You wanna piece of me?
  • Be an angel.Gift organs.Save lives


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Best Organ Donation Slogans

  • I am somebody, but part of me is somebody else
  • Organ donors give life Even when they’re gone
  • Recycle organs not just coke cans
  • Help A Generation With Organ Donation
  • Give your organs when you’re done
  • I make having one kidney look good
  • I am proud to be organ and tissue donor.Organs Saves tissue repairs lives
  • Give someone else’s heart a beat
  • You can save my life
  • Help someone after your death
  • Be An Organ Donor, All It Costs Is A Little Love
  • Provides a second chance. Brings life from tragedy
  • Recycle yourself become an organ donor
  • I am an organ donor
  • Save lives as an organ donor
  • Be the miracle they are waiting for donate
  • What you will leave, an other will cherish
  • You are never too old to re gift yourself
  • I’ve Been Transplanted
  • But all are agreed, for all those in need
  • Of course I am an organ donor.Who wouldn’t want a piece of this
  • Thank you organ donors
  • Be a donor be honored
  • Donate life
  • Be superhero be organ donor


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Organ Donation Slogans Taglines

  • One donor can save up to 8 lives
  • We need something from you
  • Save a life afterlife.
  • Let your life go on in someone’s body.
  • A second chance is in your hands.
  • Let someone thank you.
  • Recycle life be an organ donor
  • In the long run donate your organs to someone
  • Be a hero be an organ donor
  • Have a heart save a life “.
  • Help someone after your death”.
  • Support organ donation across our great nation.
  • Let someone see through your eyes what you have seen “.
  • I have said yes to organ donation
  • Let’s share our life with others
  • Come ahead and take part in saving lives
  • No caste – No bar – save lives – donate organs
  • Giving a second change of life is in your hands
  • Be a champion, be an organ donor
  • ‘Give hope’: Become an organ donor
  • ‘Give something back’: Donate your organs after you die
  • ‘I will live on’: become an organ donor today
  • ‘Live on’: Organise for your organs to be donated after you die
  • ‘Seconds to save a life’: Register as an organ donor now!
  • A decision that could save a life, register as an organ donor today!


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Unique Organ Donation Slogans

  • Its simple, be a donor
  • Leave a part of you with someone
  • Let Someone Appreciate You and Thank You
  • Let someone love with the heart you have
  • Let someone see through your eyes what you have seen
  • Let Someone Thank You
  • Let Your Life Go On in Someone’s Body
  • Let Your Organs Find a New Home
  • Let’s share our life with others
  • Life Doesn’t End When You Die, It Lives On in Others Through Organ Donation
  • Life doesnt end when you die, it lives on in others through organ donation
  • Life is a gift Pass it on
  • Life must go on Donate your organs
  • Love Your Body as It Is, It’s the Only One You’ve Got
  • Make Miracles Happen, Donate Today
  • Make Someone’s Wish Come True: Donate organs today!
  • Make your mark, be a donor
  • Not all heroes wear capes! They donate
  • One day it could be you who needs an organ transplant
  • One donor can save or heal
  • One organ donor can save eight lives
  • One Person Can Make a Difference: Donate Your Organs Today!
  • One person can save eight lives
  • One person can save eight lives – be an organ donor!
  • Organ donation gives hope to those waiting for a transplant



Organ Donation Slogans Suggestions

  • Organ Donation Is the Kindest Donation This World Needs Right Now
  • Organ donation Sign up today!
  • Organ Donation: Life Goes On
  • Organs are for Sharing: Share the gift of life and donate your organs today!
  • Organs Are Not for Everyone… They’re for Everyone Who Needs Them!
  • Organs are not for keepin’, they’re for givin’ away!
  • Please share: Sign up to be an organ donor
  • Please, Donate Your Organs
  • Privileged? Share It
  • Recycle Organs, Not Just Coke Cans
  • Relay the Message on Organ Donation
  • Save a Life Afterlife
  • Save a life with a transplant today
  • Save a life, it’s why we run
  • Save and heal, donate today
  • Save countless lives by registering as an organ donor today!
  • Saving a life is the best feeling ever – become an organ donor
  • Share Your Life Share Your Decision
  • Support Organ Donation Across Our Great Nation
  • Support Organ Donation Across the Nation
  • Take a Simple Step, Donate Your Organ
  • Take memories to the grave, not your organs
  • The best thing you can give…is the gift of LIFE
  • The Best Way to Save a Life is to Donate Your Organs!
  • The Gift of Life Is the Best Gift of All: Donate Your Organs



List Of Organ Donation Slogans

  • A gift that keeps on giving – donate organs and save lives!
  • A life-saving decision
  • A Second Chance Is in Your Hands
  • Actions speak louder than words: donate your organs!
  • All it cost is a little love
  • An act of love…a lifetime of rewards
  • Be a Champion, Be an Organ Donor
  • Be a hero Donate your organs
  • Be a hero Register as an organ donor
  • Be a Symbol of Hope for Those Who Are Waiting
  • Be an angel – donate your organs
  • Be an angel Donate your organs
  • Be Kind to Your Body, It’s the Only One You’ve Got
  • Be of help even after your death
  • Become a donor and save a life
  • Choose to save a life, become an organ donor
  • Come Ahead and Take Part in Saving Lives
  • Could you be a living donor?
  • Don’t Let Your Organs Go to Waste: Donate Them Today!
  • Don’t let your organs go to waste
  • Don’t let your organs go to waste – donate them!
  • Don’t Let Your Organs go to Waste: Donate Them Today!
  • Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Donate Your Organs Today!
  • Donate Life – Donate Organ
  • Donate life – it’s the ultimate gift!


Organ Donation Mottos

  • Donate life with a little love
  • Donate Life, Give Hope
  • Donate your organs and make a difference
  • Donate your organs, you can’t take them with you
  • Donating is a choice, a healthy one
  • Donating lifes the most important thing youll ever do
  • Eight people are looking up to you
  • Every day, people die waiting for an organ You could change that
  • Gift from me…hope for you
  • Gift someone the gift of life
  • Give Even After You Are Done Living
  • Give Hope to Those Who Need It: Donate Your Organs!
  • Give life a chance – be an organ donor!
  • Give someone the chance to live
  • Give the gift of life
  • Give the gift of life – become an organ donor!
  • Give your heart, literally!
  • Giving a Second Chance of Life Is in Your Hands
  • Got love? Don’t just give, donate it!
  • I am giving…the greatest gift of all
  • In the Long Run, Donate Your Organs to Someone
  • It Is Not Only a Doctor’s Duty to Save Lives but Ours Too – Donate Organs
  • It is not only a doctor’s duty to save lives but ours too Donate organs
  • It only takes one person to make a difference – become an Organ Donor
  • Its not impossible, its organ donation


Organ Donation Sayings

  • Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.” —Albert Schweitzer
  • The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” —Peter Marshall
  • Humanist action doesn’t belong to any religion.” —Unknown
  • It takes lives to save lives.” —Oscar Auliq-Ice
  • Please don’t take your organs to heaven. God knows that we need them here.” —Unknown
  • Find a need and fill it.” —Ruth Stafford Peale
  • You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” —John Wooden
  • I can think of nothing better than being able to give a healthy organ to improve the life of another person.” —Alex Pocock
  • No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” —Max Lucado
  • Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.” —Ibrahim Hooper
  • Act as if what you do makes a difference.It does.” —William James
  • Open your heart – open it wide; someone is standing outside.” —Unknown
  • My decision to be a donor is to give someone a chance at life.” —Unknown


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