43 Best Pharmacy Slogans & Taglines


Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing of drugs. It’s a life saving profession. The pharmacy professional is called pharmacist. Pharmacist is the person who is expert in medicines.

There are various branches of pharmacy which are discussed below.

  1. Community pharmacy
  2. Hospital pharmacy
  3. Clinical pharmacy
  4. Industrial pharmacy
  5. Community pharmacy:

It is also known as retail pharmacy.it is the most well known field of pharmacy. Community pharmacist works in a store and provide the medicines to the public. It also guide the patient on safe use of medicine and give awareness regarding the side effects of medicine. Retail or community pharmacist is also responsible for dispensing of medicines.

  1. Hospital pharmacy:

Hospital pharmacist involves in the management of medicine s in hospital. It works closely with other health professionals for the safe use of medicines and for the optimization of medication regimen of each patient to get best results. Hospital pharmacist is responsible for maintaining inventory and proper storage of medicines.

  1. Clinical pharmacy:

Clinical pharmacist provides direct patient care to optimize the use of medicine. He reviews the medicines prescribed to the patient to check drug interactions, adverse effects and dose of medicine.

  1. Industrial pharmacy:

Industrial pharmacy is the development and manufacturing of quality medicines appropriate for its intended purpose. Industrial pharmacist involves in production, quality control and quality assurance of medicines.

In this post you will find amazing Pharmacy slogans

Pharmacy Slogans


A pharmacy for all of your needs

The one you trust

Pharmacy with motive

Pharmacy Slogans - Trust care pharmacy

Trust care pharmacy

Pharmacists are patient lovers

No fear the Pharmacist is here

Live healthy. Live happy. Live Long

Pharmacy Slogans - We offer expertise because we care

We offer expertise because we care

Pharmacy with tender loving

Caring beyond prescriptions

The Every Pain Reliever

Pharmacy Majors Make This World A Better Place

The pharmacy with a tender loving touch

Healthcare for life

Pharmacy Slogans - Caring your dreams

Caring your dreams

Your health. Our expertise

Advanced Medicine For Pain

Eat sleep pharmacy repeat

pharmacist day image - I am a Pharmacy student I have no life

I am a Pharmacy student I have no life

Your health is our world

If it’s a matter of your health, it matters to us

happy pharmacist day - Want drug, Meet us

Want drug, Meet us

Expect something extra

I Believe In community Pharmacy

Always there to care

We’ll always make time for you

Pharmacy of tomorrow

The cure for the common drug store

Pharmacy Slogans - For A Better Looking Tomorrow

For A Better Looking Tomorrow

What a Pharmacy was Meant to Be

With us, it’s personal

The one you trust

Drugs are my life

The Pharmacy with heart

Your favorite pharmacy

If it’s a matter of your health, it matters to us

All Day Strong, All Day Long

Pharmaceuticals is everyone’s Book

We ensure the lowest and best price for each medicine

Pharmacy Slogans - Pharmacy Slogans

Pharmacist with good rated

Pharmacy techs know how to mix it up

We Feel Your Pain

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